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About Comodo Time Machine

Comodo Time Machine (CTM) is a powerful, system-rollback utility available for download, which enables Windows-based users to quickly restore their computers system in case of damages or malware attacks.

Comodo Time Machine serves as a ‘snapshot’ that keeps a complete record of a platform’s entire system that includes the registry, critical operating system files and user-created documents. The application features a layered security that can schedule automatic snapshots to be taken at regular intervals, roll back the computer to its last working state in the event of virus attacks or crashes, and take a snapshot of the computer before large installations or system maintenance.

CTM users can therefore easily restore their computer systems to its default configuration without the need to manually uninstall each application. Utilizers can also fell safe that one-time damages to computers due to over use, online gaming, etc can be undone and all files will be recovered.

Moreover, Comodo Time Machine employs an intuitive, friendly interface which offers quick and easy access to all its functionalities. CTM also boasts of a sub-console that can be accessed even before Windows starts and a Quick Operation console that contains shortcuts to important and commonly executed tasks.

Comodo Time Machine (CTM) is available for free download.

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