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About Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus is a free antivirus program for Windows developed by Comodo Group, Inc.

Comodo Antivirus offers a great deal of total PC protection without a price tag attached. It features a comprehensive virus detection, in-depth reports on viral activity and can even scan archive files like ZIP and RAR.  This antivirus program also interrelates with users for suspicious files submission with an immediate feed back from possible threats and virus. It also works with any default PC firewalls for much sturdy protection from big fish web threats which is ever present and cunning.

Aside from the mentioned above, it also comprise unique and effective features like proactive analysis, immediate virus updates, worm blocker and a sturdy quarantine system for effective isolation of web threats and viruses.

Overall, Comodo Antivirus delivers astuteness for holistic PC protection. Compared to other stripped down commercial antivirus software, Comodo is completely functional and never expires. This is definitely a considerable option for software wise users.

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