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The enforced limits on matchmaking and chatroom expiry dates make Coffee Meets Bagel a rather unique proposition, where most people who want to be even remotely successful already default to looking for more than just a casual connection. However, this same strength that relies on a single match every day at noon is also a weakness - with a small user base, it's wholly possible to spend weeks and weeks without finding someone you like. Sometimes quantity has a quality all its own when it comes to sifting past all the fish in the sea.
Get a personalized online dating experience with matches tailored to your preferences with CMB Free Dating App for Android.

Looking for someone new is as simple as liking and passing a bagel in CMB Free Dating App. This app does the matchmaking for you, unlike other online dating services where you have to browse through a huge array of profiles.

In CMB Free Dating App, you're given a single match every day at noon in the form of a "bagel," whom the service has selected for you based on geography, attraction, and shared interests. Your match will share mutual friends with you as well. All you have to do is "like" your bagel or pass them within 24 hours.

If the bagel likes you back, you're instantly connected together in a chatroom, where you can send each other messages, or answer icebreaker questions provided by the app.

CMB Free Dating App learns based on your preferences like gender, refining the quality of matches for you over time. Matched would also be preselected for you. It also facilitates meetups through the chatroom, helping you really get to know your match with a face-to-face meeting.

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