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Code Writer is an excellent IDE-like interface for programming that is among the best choices you can have for a Modern app, in the absence of more complex development environments that work on the desktop. With tabbed features and snap view, it works perfectly.
Write programming code easily with Code Writer for Windows.

Code Writer is a code and text editor app for Windows.

With this app, you can edit your source code easily in full screen, with features like active syntax highlighting for 20 different languages including CSS, JavaScript, HTML. C++, PHP, ASP, XML, and Python.

It lets you quickly switch between documents with scrollable tabs, features great touch-based selection support, a customizable live tile, run app and many more. 

The app also has Chromeless UI editing, supports flagging of modified documents, and also supports sharing with other Windows Store apps that support text files through the Share charm.

Create coding in your computer with Code Writer.

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