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About Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

Track your menstrual and health cycles with science with Clue Period & Cycle Tracker for iPhone.

Having your period is a sign of a healthy body and can also be an indicator of how your body moves and reacts as you age and the lifestyle you live on. Having your period can happen even without warning.

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker
uses science to help you discover the patterns unique to your menstrual cycle and also encourage healthy habits. Tracking your period is also keeping your health in check with mood trackers, exercise trackers and health logs. You can track your period, the heaviness of its flow and the kind of menstrual products that you use.

You can also receive accurate predictions and calendar reminder on when is your next period, ovulation and PMS. Aside from your period, you can also track sex, cervical fluid, pain, moods and more. Fertility data is also given right in the app.

There are also in depth information about the menstrual cycle in medical journals and scientific references, check out your past period cycle with an overall average. It does all of these using an algorithm learning from the data you yourself inputted into the app.

You can also use this app to plan your pregnancy, log your birth control, track basal temperature, track exercise habits and more.

Get a clue on your menstrual cycle with Clue Period & Cycle Tracker for iPhone.
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