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At its core, Cloze is a social networking and email aggregator app that curates your content based on how close you are to your contacts, prioritizing the closest and most important people over all others. The app's algorithm works extremely well for moderately to highly active users, with an initial learning curve that might confuse but is easy to be acclimatized to. Unfortunately, users without as much activity will not get much out of the app, which is likely to misidentify what they want.
Manage your inbox and contacts on your favorite social networking sites through your Android smartphone with Cloze.

Cloze acts as a personal assistant and social media aggregator that helps you organize your inbox and contacts from email and social networking accounts. The app will handle Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, organizing your social feeds and merging peoples' contact information across the three networks.

Cloze also supports advanced sorting features for contacts, such as by the last time you spoke with someone, by distance from your current location, and when you first met the person. The app even allows for natural searches like "marketers at IBM," forgoing the need for complicated manual searches with inflexible filters.

Some of its other features include automatic noise filtering, which will allow you to hear only from the people who matter to you most, a unified social networking feed, bookmarks, custom contacts lists that automatically update, and more.

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