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About Cleanfox

Clean-up your email with unread newsletters and spam on your Windows PC with Cleanfox.

Cleanfox is a free app for Windows which helps you get rid of those unwanted spam and newsletters complicating your inbox.

The app doesn't just cleanup your email inbox of those hundreds of messages it also reduces the carbon footprint of your email messages. It has been calculated that the average annual carbon footprint of an email is 10g. Given the huge amount of emails sent each day worldwide, emails' carbon footprint quickly becomes catastrophic. But with the app, you can reduce your carbon footprint with just a few clicks and at the same time de-cluttering your inbox of those useless newsletters that you don't read anyway.

The app is very easy to use, just sign up your email account onto the app and the app will do the rest. And then you may see your personal statistics and know your environmental impact on the planet.

Sig-up now on Cleanfox app and help save the environment.

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