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Classic Shell serves a variety of purposes - replacing the Start Menu in Windows 8 for those who prefer the older one; adding functions to the Start Menu in Vista and 7 for those who want to get a feel of the older UI; or a combination of these and many others. Free, stable, and highly configurable, it's a great option for people who want to bring back the old feel of Windows.
Get the look and feel of the old Windows UI with Classic Shell.

Feeling nostalgic for the look and feel of Windows icons and features from the old days? Classic Shell is a desktop application that provides a myriad of features that were common in old Windows versions like XP and 98, yet are now missing from new Windows PCs.

It can replace the current Start Menu with a clone of the classic original start menu, drag-and-drop functionality, options to show Favorites, expanded Control Panel, search box, customizable start button for Windows 10, and many more.

Classic Shell is composed of three parts - Classic Start Menu, Classic Explorer, and Classic IE. Each part is configurable and reflects the functionality of their respective equivalents in older Windows versions.

Classic Explorer adds some UI elements to Windows Explorer to make it resemble the older version of the file manager. Classic IE is a plugin for Internet Explorer that shows a loading status bar, a caption to the title bar, and the security zone status.

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