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Freemium is becoming a dirty word in the mobile gaming industry, but Clash of Clans is among its best implementations. Over the course of normal gameplay, you'll never really hit a hard wall or energy bar that requires you to purchase in-game currency just to get any fun. Late-game quests require a lot of resources that may take some time to gather, at which point buying more Gems with real money may be tempting, but it's not strictly enforced. The strategy itself is quite involving, with placement of structures and defenses being important enough that winning a tough base defense is very satisfying. Clan Wars are fun, too, with great interaction between players. Overall a fine example of a mobile multiplayer strategy game, and of the freemium market in general.
Bring glory and victory to your clan in Clash of Clans for Android, a freemium MMO strategy game by Supercell.

Clash of Clans
is all about strategy and combat. Build up your little community, from a small village to a prosperous fortress, and ensure that it's well-defended. Attack other players' fortresses to loot and pillage them, for gold and glory. Gather dark elixir to acquire elite troops and powerful base defenses.

Play through a single-player campaign where you'll face off against the Goblin King, attacking his fortified villages as you move through the realm. There is also a Versus battle mode, engage in various troops and more.

Join a clan to get support from your friends, as you support them in turn. Donate troops, share strategies, and fight in massive Clan Wars along with your clan mates.

Clash of Clans is free-to-play, but in-app purchases let you buy a special in-game currency, Gems, to boost your building construction and your heroes. Gems can also be earned through normal gameplay.

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