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When it seems like the multiplayer card world has been saturated and stagnant, Clash Royale shakes the entire genre up with a mix of RTS, MOBA, and CCG that somehow manages to NOT be a haphazard mishmash of gameplay elements. Every feature blends fluidly into a cohesive whole, not requiring too much reading of outside guides and accessible enough for casual gamers, yet satisfying to hardcore gamers as well. The app's freemium elements remain in full force in the form of chest unlocks, which have garnered minor controversy due to their structure, but the game is otherwise endlessly playable, which is a great thing in any case.
Seek glory in incredible card-based battles with Clash Royale for iPhone.

In Clash Royale, players make use of cards, each representing a wide range of powerful units, spells, and defenses.

Players build a deck and use their cards to crush the enemy base, while defending their own. Users can win Trophies and Crowns as they play, and earn chests to get even more cards.

Clash Royale features dozens of cards, which you can be added to a collection and upgraded with the Clash Royale Family. Players can build and balance out a Battle Deck that will help them defeat your foes, rampage through the various arenas and make it to the top.

The app also features access to TV Royale, a video channel that provides some of the best Clash Royale plays for viewing to learn about tips, tricks, metagaming, and more. It also features duels with players from around the world, where Trophies can be earned. Players can also form Clans to share cards with, and engage in Clan Wars.

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