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History is in your hands in Civilisations AR for iPhone.

To bring a bit of class into your life while enriching your knowledge on history and culture, Civilisations AR is created.

The first AR app from BBC, this app brings a rich set of history, art and culture in your hands as you discover the secrets of Ancient Egypt, what lies beneath the Renaissance masterpieces, iconic sculptures and many other treasures from various museums.

The app features over 30 historic artefacts, curated by the BBC with partnership from more than 30 museums across the UK and Nexus Studios to being these to life in your iPhone. The app features realistic, to scale artefacts, x-ray function to learn more what is hidden in these artefacts and that you can rotate, scale and move the artefacts in your screen.

The app is also more interactive as you can translate hieroglyphics from the Rosetta Stone, restore a Greek Corinthian helmet or a faded Roman Cockerel Statuette and more.

A museum in your hands in Civilisations AR for iPhone.

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