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ChefSteps has a huge collection of online classes that are great for both learning new skills and honing basic ones, which are the perfect companion for a recipe app. The recipes that ChefSteps includes are detailed and easy to follow, and come with integrated timers, write-ups, and photos for many of the steps in the instructions.
Explore and learn new recipes with ChefSteps for Android.

ChefSteps helps you unleash your creativity in the kitchen by instructing you in an easily-understood fashion. Be guided through a myriad hands-on online classes that teach you new techniques in handling food while refining basic skills. Learn tips and tricks like how to truss a chicken or sharpen your knife, all through demonstration.

features many recipes with detailed instructions, including step-by-step tutorials with photos, and even write-ups on each recipe that give additional background and information. Recipes come with integrated timers that make it easier for you to keep track of what you're cooking, and also come with hyperlinked ingredients that you can use to search for other recipes that use the same ingredients.

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