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Just cook with ChefBytes for iPhone.

You know how to cook and make your way around the kitchen and use of the many tools and gadgets there. The hard part is thinking on what to make for dinner. Start cooking and leave the thinking and planning on what to make with ChefBytes for iPhone.

This app makes home cooking easy as all you need to do is enter the ingredients that you want to use and the app will suggest various recipes for you to try. Just snap your groceries and let the app do its thing: it can detect and identify 28 food items with 80.01% validation accuracy. You can also just enter manually the ingredients yourself via the ingredient search page. There are more than 18,000 recipes the app can recommend for you. Recipe sharing and saving is also possible.

What the app can identify are various fruits and vegetables, spices, eggs and dairy products.

Stop thinking and start cooking with ChefBytes for iPhone.  

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