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Managing your downloads with Checketry.

One of the things you do on the internet is downloading stuff. Be it be a movie, music, videos, files or software, you download a lot of things. Checketry tracks your downloads in one place so all you need to do is wait patiently in your computer.

This app is a download manager that can tracks many different kinds of files from different sources like Stream, Chrome, Firefox, uTorrent, Qbit Torrent and more. The app is also safe to use as the data is never stored in the and that the data is also never sent anywhere else. The app can also automatically resume downloadsd, pause, resume and even cancel downloads.

If you want more features like shutdown timer, preventing computer not sleeping when downloading, is free from ads and have premium support, there is premium option for a monthly fee.

All your downloads in one place with Checketry.

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