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Powerful end-to-end encryption, cross-platform support and interoperability with other clients, local message log encryption, and network restriction bypassing make ChatSecure an incredible choice for anyone who needs to send private and secure messages that are guaranteed without backdoors or opportunities for other parties to crack the code. It even offers file sharing and photo/audio multimedia sharing, all of which is also encrypted. Without encrypted voice calling though, it's a step behind some other free secure messaging apps.
Secure your chat with ChatSecure for the iPhone.

You would never know when who or what are snooping around in your IMs and chats. ChatSecure makes sure that your chats and instant messages are safe and secure right in your iPhone. This app is an encrypted messaging program that makes it safer for you to communicate using your iPhone, using end-to-end encryption that makes sure messages can't be intercepted on the way to their recipient.

ChatSecure is interoperable with other apps that can also support OTR and XMPP like Adium, Jitsi and many others. The app also has XMPP and TLS certificate pinning. TOR is also included to help bypass restrictive firewalls that may cause problems, and SQLCipher to encrypt archived conversation logs that are stored on your phone.

Safe messaging with this app.

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