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Castro doesn't add anything particularly new to the mix of podcast players, and even lacks some features present in more popular players. It does however offer an elegant, attractive UI, and a variable playback speed feature that is among the best we've ever encountered, resulting in almost no crackling or artifacting during even very high and low speed settings.
Listen to your favorite podcasts on your iPhone with Castro.

lets you search and subscribe to your favorite podcasts without leaving the app, as well as see all of their episodes in a timeline-style interface that makes it easy to browse for episodes. Playback is fully-featured, with a voice-optimized playback speed algorithm that preserves voice quality even when slowing down or speeding up a podcast, as well as a sleep timer that lets you extend with a single tap.

The app will also notify you of the latest episodes of your subscribed podcasts, offers the option to automatically download them, and can keep doing this in the background even when you're not in the app. You can also turn on News Mode if you just want to keep the most recent version of your favorite casts. 

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