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Get more privacy for your internet browsing in your Mac with Cargo VPN.

If there is one advantage of a Mac over a PC is that the Mac is known for its security. Its 2 layered system of GUI and Unix makes it impossible for viruses and Trojan to penetrate unless the user makes it so. Thus, there is no need for special anti virus software. Its built in firewall is also better and highly configurable. However, not all the places you visited online are safe. And that no matter how secure your device is if your personal details are kept on leaking like IP address, your location and personal communications. Cargo VPN brings a layer of added internet privacy and security to your Mac. Stay undetected with this app as it protects your data and privacy when you pay bills online, surf websites, log in on social networks, shop online and more. It can also detect if you are connected to an unsecured public network and that it can also encrypt your traffic as well. And thanks to this app, you can enjoy torrent downloads, p2p downloads among others with this app.

The app is also powerful enough to bypass restricted networks and internet censorship and access just about any website and online service from around the world. It can also block government surveillance that collects your data. There are more than 1,000 high speed servers in over 70 locations around the globe that do its job for you.

Add more layers if privacy and protection in your Mac with Cargo VPN

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