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About Card City Nights 2

Find out the mysteries of the flying city by playing its favorite pastime in Card City Nights 2 for iPhone.

In the flying city of Starship Frivolity, a game called The Card Game is its latest craze played and enjoyed by all of its inhabitants. Find out more about this flying city and the mysteries that surround it by playing it and mastering it in Card City Nights 2 for iPhone.

The game is played by 2 players on a single board where you must connect the cards in order to give them power. As the cards become powered, you can use them to deal damage, heal, protect and just create trouble for the cards of your opponents.

There are also many combos to use and that you can also block and steal their powers. Play this game for $4.99.

The game features more than 200 cards with characters from the Ludosity universe, an online multiplayer, various locations to discover and more.

Play to find the mysteries in Card City Nights 2 for iPhone.

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