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Monitor your digestive health with Cara for iPhone.

Your digestive system is important as this is where the food you have eaten goes to, gets processed and broken down into smaller components in order to be absorbed by the human body. You may not feel it working but you react to it.

Monitor the health of your digestive system and its connection to the body with Cara for iPhone.

Get to record in the app food, digestion, poop, stress, mood, period or menstrual cycle, sleep. skin condition, medication and pain as all of these factors can contribute to to your digestive system. You can also add other items like your feelings, medical symptoms like nausea and migraine.

All of these can be exported as a PDF or CVS that can be given to your doctor. The app can discover the link to everything you have written, discover factors that influence your symptoms, find tummy friendly meals to replace trigger foods and more.

The app can be integrated with Apple Health.

Log your digestive health with Cara for iPhone.

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