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Candy Crush Saga really isn't much more than a more colorful, vivid clone of Bejeweled, but the unabashedly cute graphics and sound design are enough to stave off any comments about its derivative nature. The game does get legitimately challenging in later levels, making the in-app purchases of extra lives and moves almost necessary. Overall a fun match-three experience with a unique style.
Play a fun match-three game on your PC with Candy Crush Saga for Facebook.

Candy Crush Saga is a free game app for the PC by, in which you match 3 tiles of the same candy to progress on the game board and increase your score.

The more candies of the same type that you get line up at once, the better the score you get. You get bonuses to your score for finishing a level faster. The game's difficulty scales upwards as the game progresses, so you are given the option of using boosters whenever you're in a tight spot.

Play through the game alone, or compete with friends and players all over the world to get to the top of the leaderboards,

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