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Calculords' combination of card collecting, tactical turn-based strategy, and math puzzles is a fun and unique system that has no real parallels in just about any oyher game. The card-collecting and deck-building layer are a whole world of strategy in their own right, while battles are challenging and require plenty of careful consideration of your next move. The whole package would be a much greater game if the UI weren't so cluttered and difficult to read.
Calculords combines the card-collecting game and tactical turn-based strategy genres in a fun and unique puzzle game.

In Calculords, you are the Last Star Nerd, on a quest of vengeance for the destruction of Earth by the evil Hate Bit. Collect powerful cards to deploy troops, tanks, and combat vessels in a variety of tactical situations, controlling the Calculord Cards to secure victory at every turn.

The game features over 200 different cards, allowing you up to 3 customized decks that you take with you into battle. Combat is a unique blend of genres, pitting you against numbered puzzles with turn-based tactical combat. Defeating opponents gets you more cards, as well as XP to upgrade your home base, and improve different attributes of your character.

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