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About Calcbot 2

Turn your iPad into a calculator with Calcbot 2.

It may seem on overkill, but your iPad can be turned into a calculator and unit converter that you can use everyday in Calcbot 2.

It is intelligent, intuitive and easy to read. Your calculations gets saved to its history tape and and that you can go back to these past calculations, refer to them or use them for your current calculations as well.

It also features its Expression View that allows you to see everything you have typed, do conversions for over 500 units across 22 various categories. The currency rates in the app gets to be updated automatically too.

You can also use this app for Scientific calculations and be able to access scientific constants like Atomic Mass, Pi or even add your own. It also has an Apple Watch extension for basic calculations and conversions.

A big calculator in your hands in Calcbot 2 for iPad.
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