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A clever way of leveraging navigation tools to use as safety measures and warning, Cairn Hiking is a great backup plan and safety net for any avid explorer of the wilderness. It shouldn't be the only one used of course, but it's comforting to have on board.
Get connected even when outdoors with Cairn for iPhone.

Exploring the wilderness always comes with the caveat that people might not be able to contact you or know where you are. Cairn ensures that you stay connected with people you trust, and helps you maintain a signal so you'll know where to go in case you need to communicate.

Cairn shares your outdoor activities and plans to your emergency contacts so that they would know where you are. The app will also find spots for cellphone coverage or signal. When on the trail, the app will periodically track your location through your phone and tell the signal to build a coverage map of the outdoors. You'll also get to know if there is a signal where others have been, and the app will notify your contacts when you're past a set time and your phone is out of range.

They will also receive a map of where you have been.

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