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About CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)

Take a bold look for your Pixel device with CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher) for Android.

One of the most popular aspects of having an Android device is the ability to customize the device to your liking. CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher) customizes your device and fine tunes it to your liking.

It is based on Oreo and features Grid selection in any combination, scrolling effects, resizing margins, reverse wallpaper, animation as you change the desktop, icon size, endless scrolling, dock bar, icon and text color, show Google News feed, display notifications, screen lock, auto theme feature, light, dark and black themes, Google Assistant search bar, Android P style, clock and calendar options, and more.

Enjoy using your phone more with this app.

Customize your Pixel phone with CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher) for Android. 

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