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Workouts for all people of varying physical abilities with CPF Challenge for iPhone.

Not all of use can use our entire body at will. Some of use have to deal with physical limitation one way or another. But, either way, we all know that working out is for all not just for health but also for recovery and training. CPF Challenge shows workouts that you can do alone and with friends and family. There are more than 57 workouts for different physical abilities. The exercises are led by Nike Master Trainer, Isabelle Derode. And to prove no disability like Celebral Palsy or CP can hinder one's need to workout, 2 people with CP, Kyle Khachadurian and Jessy Yates, will join the workouts with you.

This app is backed by The Celebral Palsy Foundation. And that you can support this foundation by using this app and sharing it with others.

There is no limit when working out as proven with the CPF Challenge for iPhone.

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