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Create independent subtitle files for your videos with CCExtractor.

A norm for today is watching videos made from other countries where they speak in their native language. More often than not, they have subtitles embedded in it. But not all subtitles are the same. There are many different subbers and uploaders that have different approaches to subtitling like differences in font size, shape, color and more.

is a software that takes care of the subtitles in your videos as it analyzes them from the closed captions data. It supports American TV captions and Teletext based European subtitles and more. Two formats are supported in .srt and .smi.

Even official subtitles from DVDs, DVR-MS, TiVo files, ReplayTV files, Dish Network files, HDTV captures can be handled.

Making your subtitles more engaging with CCExtractor.  

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