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About Brawl Stars

Jump into battle in Brawl Stars for iPhone.

Its over the top, action packed, fast paced, fun and all can be experienced in under 3 minutes in Brawl Stars for iPhone.

Step into the multiplayer battles from the team that bough you game changing mobile games in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Supercell, to a different game where you get attacked, fragged and blown up right in your device.

This game features varioys game modes like Gem Grab where you team up and outsmart the other team as you collect and hold on to 10 gems to win, Heist where you must protect your team's safe point and destroy the otehr side, Showdown in both solo or duo, in Bounty where you must earn more stars than the other team, limited time events, PvP game modes and Brawl Ball, a soccer type game where the goal is to first score 2 goals before the other side.

You can also upgrade your brawlers, collect skins, join or start a band and more.

There are also new maps, brawlers and game modes to look out for in this game.

Enter the fray in Brawl Stars for iPhone.

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