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BrainsBreaker is a fun and challenging puzzle game developed by Juan Trujillo for Windows that features an array of jigsaw puzzles to solve plus the ability to create new puzzles using your own photos.

Players can choose to solve jigsaw puzzles with hundreds or even thousands of pieces, whichever suits their preference and playing style. The game features unique cuts of pieces providing players a unique challenge each time. Users can also create new puzzles using their own photos.

In addition, BrainsBreaker enables players to store and organize pieces temporarily as well as resize pieces “on the fly”. It also features a magnifying glass that enables players to inspect the pieces better. Furthermore, it features optional scoring and printing options.

Overall, BrainsBreaker is a fun and challenging jigsaw puzzle game for Windows perfect for puzzle lovers and casual gamers alike. This game is a paid application that can be downloaded for a free trial period.

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