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Boomerang is a great email scheduler that adds a feature which should very well be built-in to every webmail system, but isn't. The app lets you schedule not only sending messages, but also reply reminders for messages that you sent. You can even postpone receiving messages through an admittedly workaround-ish way of sending it to another folder at first, but which in practice works well. Overall a great solution for anyone who makes extensive use of email.
Read, send, and reply to emails in your own time with Boomerang for Gmail on Chrome.

Boomerang for Gmail lets you schedule your emails, whether it be sending them or returning to them at another time. The app allows you to write an email now, then send it any time you'd like, without you needing to be online to do it yourself.

You can also postpone new incoming emails, by having Boomerang send them to a folder as they arrive, then put them back in your inbox at the top when you're ready. You can also track an e-mail that you sent, alerting you on a schedule whether or not the message has been replied to.

Boomerang is great for sending birthday emails at the right time, helping remind you to pay the bills, managing projects, communicating with people in different time zones, and more.

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