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Bookari is a great free app but a rather broken premium one. The added features after purchasing often break down, and it takes a user data deletion or a reinstall to make things work. The library syncing features are great and are more in line with something you'd fine from an app with a dedicated online bookstore like Kindle, yet working with any of your ebooks - though one must note that it only supports EPUB and PDF, with no native MOBI support and you'll need to use a conversion software suite to make your MOBI and other formats work. Overall a decent choice, but only decent.
Read your ebooks on the go on your iPhone with Bookari.

Bookari provides you with e-book reader that helps you organize all your electronic-form books. The app allows you to import ebooks in the EPUB2 and PDF formats, and also works with Adobe DRM so you can open protected books.

Bookari includes handy tools that help you organize your collection, like book indexing by tag and rating, book collections, search functions with filters, and more. You'll also get reading and annotation tools such as book marking, pinch to zoom options, highlighting and inline notes, portrait and landscape support, and a night mode toggle.

The app synchronizes all of your bookshelves across all your devices, so you can start on your phone, and pick up where you left off on your tablet, with your progress saved as well as all of your highlights, ratings, bookmarks, and other library and book information.
Bookari features a customizable selection of bookstores, allowing you to access books from any marketplace you desire. It also supports OPDS, allowing you to add your own bookstores.

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