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Find someone that finally understands you with Boo - Psychology Dating App for iPhone.

For most dating sites, looks are a key component of getting a match. Boo - Psychology Dating App works in a different way as it is all about understanding yourself and the type of people you want to meet right in your iPhone.

You will get matched to people who knows the real, authentic you, the good and bad and would still take the plunge with you. This app bring true transparency to the dating scene that is very much open and empathetic. In short, just by being you is a huge plus. The app uses MBTI/Big 5 psychology to help understand who you really are, the kind of personalities you like, pros and cons of being with each type and choose what kind of personalities to liked.

This is not a personality based or looks based app as it is more focused on showcasing the real you as well as others.

Be yourself with Boo - Psychology Dating App for iPhone.

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