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Add a layer of password protection with Blur.

Privacy and security are the 2 most important things people consider when they go online especially when they go shopping, transacting business with their banks online, looking at their social media accounts, emails and more.

is not a software but an extension for Chrome that helps in masking your passwords, keeps track of your personal information online among others. It is the better choice especially when doing online shopping as this extension can create tough to crack passwords for various sites even for ones you have logins for. It can save and encrypt your passwords, logs you in fast and more. It uses an AES-256 encryption, host proof hosting, seperate keys for authentication/authorization and data encryption and the like.

This extension protects not just your passwords but also your credit card information, masks them as you pay, has auto fill and more. This extension also blocks companies like Facebook from collecting online data from you, blocks cookies and trackers and more. 

Protect your privacy and security as you online shop and surf the web with Blur.    

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