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Bloom HD's iPad version brings the already-impressive visuals to life, larger and crisper than ever before. The app remains a mesmerizing piece of art, and the music that it creates, whether by itself or through human intervention, is warm and soothing.
Immerse yourself in an aural and visual experience right on your iPad with Bloom HD.

Bloom HD is a simple music maker and visualizer app that lets you create music with a simple tap interface. Playing alongside your music is a colorful visualizer that truly brings your songs to life. Bloom HD offers Classic, Infinite, and Freestyle play modes, which each offer their own subtle nuances to the music that you create.

When left idle, Bloom HD activates its Listen mode, turning into a music generator that creates random but harmonious tunes, music and visuals pulsing to an autonomous beat. You're free to add your own taps to contribute to the songs, but the app runs on its own. The app also features 12 different mood settings, mood shuffles, and a sleep timer to save battery.

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