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BlackBerry is fast, reliable, and has all the basic communication features you could want in a messaging app - except for video calling, a feature that is sorely missed in BBM, while present in many of its competitors. Thankfully BBM makes up for it with a whole host of features that bring it up to par with the rest, like broadcast messaging, contact groups, and group chats.
BlackBerry Messenger is a free communication app that allows users to contact each other using their Wi-Fi or mobile data plans.

Developed by Research in Motion Limited, BlackBerry Messenger allows users to send text messages to each other, as well as make high-quality voice calls, using only an internet connection. BlackBerry Messenger does this at no cost, compared to using expensive carrier minutes and texts.

BlackBerry Messenger also enhances messaging by allowing users to create groups of contacts who can share pictures, appointments, and other details. Users can also have multi-person chats, with several people communicating at once via text, or broadcast messages to several contacts.

BlackBerry Messenger contact details are shared via PINs or QR codes, making them more secure. Adding contacts is a 2-way opt-in process, giving users control over who can send them messages.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry users can all communicate with each other via the cross-platform BlackBerry Messenger app, and they all share the same features and security.

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