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About Beyond Oasis Classic

A timeless adventure revisited in Beyond Oasis Classic for iPhone.

There is a journey to be made in Beyond Oasis Classic for iPhone. This is a journey that is full of adventure and discovery. One of SEGA's most epic RPG makes it name known right in your iPhone as you summon elemental beasts, battle ancient beasts, giant bosses to face among others in your device.

You will also encounter zombies, ogres, wizards and other fantasy creatures, discover valuable and rare secret weapons mini games to play and the like. And that there many Easter eggs to find this revived game for mobile. 

This is one of many games under the SEGA Forever Collection, classic games bought back to life on mobile, where the games are free, have offline play, controller support, can save progress at anytime and more.

Danger awaits your adventure in Beyond Oasis Classic for iPhone.

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