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About Because Zombies

Play a unique tower zombie defense game on your iPhone with Because Zombies.

Because Zombies is a paid game where you play as the worried dad who have to find his lost daughter on a zombie infested city and must make your way back to find her.

You left behind your daughter and must go back to the city and find her fast before she gets to be dinner for the zombies. Explore the city, carefully navigate the city and don't make your self be noticed. If you got noticed by the zombies, you may place barriers and weapon type barriers to stop the advance of the zombies trying to get at you. You may place these barriers in any way you want, in any configuration you want between you and the zombies. You may also meet several other survivors and can work together, each of these survivors have their own skills and abilities but have to work together to be effective. each zombie has their own weaknesses, look for it and exploit it. There are 43 intense levels you have to go through to make your way to your daughter so be alert, strategize and survive.

Download the Because Zombies now for $0.99 only and rescue you daughter and survive.

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