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About Beat Cop

New York City is a jungle that you must survive as a cop in Beat Cop for iPhone.

From being a detective to writing tickets as a beat cop in New York City, things sure look bleak in Beat Cop for iPhone.

However, as you are framed for a murder and the downfall of your career with almost the entire world against you like old pals turning their backs on you, your new boss hating you, having a spawn for a wife and the mafia wishing you dead, that is nothing compared to writing tickets, calling traffic, reprimanding pedestrians and more.

This game features multiple endings in a nonlinear story as you investigate the cause of your downfall and solve the puzzles.

There is humor and sarcasm to be found in this game.

Get this game for $4.99.

Police the belly of the beast that is New York City in Beat Cop for iPhone.

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