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Get out of a bad date with Bad Date Rescue for the iPhone.

Not all dates turn to be exactly what you look forward to as there are times where you are just in luck of being in a bad date. It may be the place, the food , the event or the person themselves that makes what is supposed to be a nice time to hang out into a date to be forgotten. Save yourself from further time in your bad date with Bad Date Rescue for the iPhone. With this app, you can make fake calls to yourself so that you could save you and your date the embarrassment of continuing in a bad date. You can set your fake call in seconds or minutes during your date. The fake calls with be incoming to your iPhone like a real call with real voices. There is also a "Repeat after me" feature that is a script to say when you have nothing to say at first.

Bad dates no more with Bad Date Rescue for the iPhone.

This app does not promote rudeness and embarrassment but is actually saving you from both along with your time and effort.  

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