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About AxE: Alliance vs Empire

Battle on worlds in AxE: Alliance vs Empire for iPhone.

Unite to fight on forces too big and epic to face off alone in AxE: Alliance vs Empire for iPhone.

Large scale MMORPGs are the name of the game as seen on mobile  as you and other players join forces in a fantasy open world as two factions vie for control of the universe. The game features various game modes like single player, co-op and competitive that are inspired by many open world games on PC and console.

You must choose your side and role, team up with allies and win the battles for rewards and loot. You can form guilds, plan events and use the chat and team management systems in the game.

The game features the Unity 5 Vulkan engine technology, that brings full 3D and console level graphics and motion physics in real time movements and fluid controls in your hands.

Control the battlefield in AxE: Alliance vs Empire for iPhone. 

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