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With easy and reliable screenshotting that can even capture an entire page without scrolling, Awesome Screenshot is one of the best screenshot extensions that you can get for your browser. The addition of easy editing tools make it a one-stop shop for your screenshot needs, no additional software required.
Capture quick images of webpages while browsing on Google Chrome with Awesome Screenshot.

Awesome Screenshot is a free Google Chrome extension for your Google Chrome browser that lets you take snapshots of whatever you're currently browsing. The app provides various editing features that make it easy to annotate your screenshots and hide sensitive information, and also lets you upload screenshots in just one click.

Awesome Screenshot allows for capturing an entire webpage, even one that doesn't fit onscreen, or just the part of the page visible on your screen. You can also manually clip a selected area for capturing. The extension also lets you take a picture of your desktop, like a regular screenshot tool. Once you have your screenshot, you can add shapes such as arrows, rectangles and lines, place text on the image, crop and scroll as well as show the dimensions of your cropping area, and blur sections of the shot to hide sensitive information.

After taking your screenshot and editing, you can go on to save the image to disk, or upload it to Gmail, Facebook or Twitter, as well as upload it to a linked Google Drive account.

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