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About Avast Battery Saver

Squeeze more life in your phone's battery with Avast Battery Saver for Android.

Every phone has a battery life and depending on the kind of apps installed and how much you have used it, its charge will last differently from person to person. And if you hate just to charge your phone every now and then, then you will do everything just to keep your battery last without the need to remove apps.

 Avast Battery Saver is an app that promises to squeezes up to 20% of life from your battery. It does this by stopping apps that you don't use like those running in the background and optimizing the device settings. The app also features an adaptive energy estimate function, pre-configured profiles and easily switch between them, plus get alerts and more.

This app also allows you to plan on when you would be charging your phones based on its usage.

Get more battery life from your smartphone with Avast Battery Saver for Android.

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