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About Automate

Automate functions or actions for your Android with the Automate app.

Automate is a free app for Android which allows you to automatically start a certain action or function for your android just like how you programmed it.

The app lets you try to program a certain action to be performed automatically by your android when it meets an exact pre-programmed situation that you have deemed necessary. Some examples are, the smartphone suddenly changes settings when in meetings, or when you enter a certain location. The app can automatically open its Bluetooth or turn off the WiFi based on your location. The app can automatically send messages on a certain date or time of the day.

Any action can be taken if the device meets a certain requirement for the smartphone to function as programmed. You can easily program your device through flowcharts that tells your device what to do automatically when it meets a certain condition, situation, and location.

Download the Automate now and use your device to function automatically hands free.

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