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Astropad's subscription looks expensive, sure, but what it offers is incredibly cheap (if you already have an iPad) compared to purchasing a dedicated device like a Cintiq to do the same job. The performance loss compared to a stylus and screen is negligible even over Wi-Fi, and the quality is great. A must-have for professionals!
Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet in Astropad Studio.

If there is one device that is designed perfectly for artists and designers, that device would be the iPad. Its size, shape, and performance all make it optimal for a great illustration experience. Astropad Studio builds on these qualities by turning your iPad into a drawing and graphics tablet for your Mac.

With Astropad Studio, you can use draw directly into Photoshop and other creative tools on Mac. more. The app features Wi-Fi connectivity, additional gesture control, keyboards and shortcuts, low latency, and more.

Astropad Studio comes with a 7-day free trial. Buying a subscription gives you access to settings synchronization, monthly updates, and priority support.

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