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Email gets smart with Astro for the iPhone.

There are many evolution, upgrades and changes that happens to the technology we use everyday. You might not know it but the humble email can also get a taste of the future in Astro for the iPhone. Being smart is the new "in" feature for many apps and the email is no exemption. This app is powered by artificial intelligence or A.I., is also the first email app with its own built in chatbox. The app can organize your inbox using natural language conversation, can tell you on what to unsubscribe, what to archive and designate a VIP, set reminders and todo lists, question detection in emails and more. The app can also remind you automatically to follow up on important emails, see the social media background and contact information of any email addresses, email aliases, signatures and many others.

As you type your email using this app, the app offers a rich text experience as well as emojis. Adding attachments is also simple and convenient inn the app.

Take the smart email in Astro for the iPhone.   

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