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About Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Race for the highest stakes through your Android with Asphalt Street Storm Racing.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing
is a free game app for Android which lets you race your modified cars through various city streets with the highest stakes accorded.

Race your beautiful car and bet on the winner getting the loser's car for the prize. That would be one the ultimate prize of racing. The high stakes and high risk called "Pink Slip" puts your car on the line and if you win, you get a free car. Race through the worlds top cities and through various weather conditions such as rain, snowstorms, terrible heat and whatnot just to bet your pink slip. Moreover, you also can race in 1 vs three cars or a for a free-for all race! with the winner getting all the three cars!

Download the Asphalt Street Storm Racing and bet for the Pink Slip.

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