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About Artie's Magic Pencil

There is a monster on the loose in Artie's Magic Pencil for Android.

There is a monster that is running and destroying everything in its path. Artie's Magic Pencil is all about saving the day and help rebuild the world using just a magic pencil. This is a land where basic shapes are your building blocks, lets them learn on how to draw simple circles, squares, triangles and create things from these shapes like buildings and cars. This is an interactive learning tool that teaches the fundamentals of drawing the fun way. The approach of this app is to make learning in the form of an adventure that has funny characters, can be used as a story, helps develop motor skills and graphics as well, teaches lessons in empathy and altruism and more. There are more than 25 objects to draw, child friend and colorful illustrated world, handcrafted animations among others.

There are also extra downloadable worksheets for you to use and print.

Learn to draw with Artie's Magic Pencil for Android.

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