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About Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition

Join Lita in a world that is meant to be explored in Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition for iPhone.

Relieve one of the pillars of JRPGs right in your hands in Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition for iPhone.

This is a game that combines elements of both Japanese and Western RPGs as well as visual novels and adventure games.Together all of these factors create a game that has surprises, emotion and atmosphere. As it is the enhanced Edition, there is a revamped battle system, new character classes, new side quests, new skills, an upgraded crafting system, an overhauled UI, new difficulty modes, new enchanting system, an autosave function and more.

Players are encouraged to explore this world by jumping, swimming, crawling and even flying through the air. There are puzzles solve and hidden treasures to discover in new lands. Each nook and corner of the game is waiting to be explored.

The game is story heavy and is character driven.

Get this game for $4.99.

The stakes are high in Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition for iPhone.  

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