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Aqua Mail is a great email aggregator that easily defeats the stock email apps of many manufacturers, but many of its features are locked away behind the paid version of the app, without which you only get two accounts, and more annoyingly adds an advertising signature to every message you send with the app. Many free email aggregators, including Google's own Gmail app, have similar features but work better and cost nothing. Still though, with its many widgets and great customization, it's worth considering.
Place all of your email accounts under one roof with Aqua Mail - email app for Android.

Aqua Mail - email app is an email aggregator that allows you to place all of your accounts' inboxes and get all of your notifications in one fast, reliable and secure app. Aqua Mail features easy setup for all major webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, BizMail and more, as well as manual setup for various internet email protocols like IMAP, SMTP, POP3 as well those supported by Office 365 and Exchange Online.

Aqua Mail also supports Microsoft Exchange, along with other email apps that access your mailboxes. The app can make use of your existing folder structure and sync your drafts, sent messages, and deleted messages. You can also group Conversations, save attachments as files, and get rich formatting and embed images and signatures in your emails.

The app comes with a variety of widgets to give you better control of how you view your mail, and integrates with Tasker to offer a wider variety of triggers and events. You can also configure it extensively, featuring different profiles for mobile and Wi-Fi.

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