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The Apple Music service is a great system marred by a terrible app with many bugs. Songs would randomly get dropped from playlists, downloading music for offline playback can be unreliable, and the app itself will often crash outright without warning.
Playback and listen to your favorite songs on your Android with Apple Music.

Apple Music lets you access your Apple Music account alongside your own music collection and enjoy it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Apple Music
offers a collection of more than 50 million songs from its catalog. You can browse and stream the latest songs, get hand-picked personalized recommendations from music experts based on the music you love, and browse for the best music curated by the editors of the service.

The service also offers a radio-like system that lets you discover new music and tune into radio shows, interviews, and more, either on Beats 1 or on stations made by Apple's editors. You'll also get to connect with your favorite artists, learning about their inspiration and efforts with photos and videos as well as their music.

Apple Music
lets you create playlists within the app that are carried over across all devices. You can mix in your own local files with music from the service.

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