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AppCleaner is a simple and efficient application in the end, but should be used with caution. It is surprisingly fast, lets you select the type of items you want to clean in your PC.
AppCleaner is a computer cleaner freeware for Windows that features a comprehensive file detection and cleaning engine for obsolete data and files.

AppCleaner offers Windows users an effective PC cleaner tool that manages to locate and clean computers with obsolete data and junk files. It also provides protection for privacy and optimizes computer performance and security.

AppCleaner removes files on computers including temporary files, history, cookies internet logs and others third party software from more than 550 programs. It frees disk space and optimizes the computers performance. In addition, it also cleans up the registry and effectively removes unused and old entries.

Lastly, AppCleaner is safe and has no spyware, adware and doesn’t install any toolbars.

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